Residential wells

All our Residential wells are drilled with a minimum of 40 feet of casing.  The casing is sealed with a bentonite grout.  Using a perfected method only practiced by Manderson Well Drilling.

We can test for Nitrates in the water while drilling.

Information concerning the well is recorded in a well report with a copy sent to the home owner and the Department of Environment.

Grouting the casing

Having a properly grouted casing is very important.  If the casing is not grouted, it may be vulnerable to bacteria like Ecoli and other contaminants such as Nitrates & road salt.

Here at Manderson Well Drilling, we use a grouting method with borehole air packers. 

These packers expand under air pressure inside the casing.  A bentonite slurry is then pumped through the middle of the packer. Forcing the grout up, and around the outside of the casing to the top of the ground.  Filling any cavities in the rock or till on the way.  This creates a perfectly grouted casing seal.

Below is a short video showing our technique which guarantees a casing seal. This method of grouting is only practiced by Manderson Well Drilling.