Downhole Video Cameras

We currently have 3 borehole video cameras.  One camera is with our drill rig for on site troubleshooting while drilling.  Another is designated for our Casing Test. (See Below).  And the third camera is available for well inspections.  Video can be recorded on DVD at owners request.

The Casing Test

Here at Manderson well drilling, we invented a way to check the casing for leakage in or at the bottom of the pipe.  This is done by putting the well under air pressure.  The water level is pushed down to the bottom of the casing.  While a downhole video camera is used to inspect the welds and seal at the bottom.  If there are any leaks it can easily be seen with the camera when the well is under pressure.

Here is a short video below of a casing test on a well drilled by another company.