MANDERSON Well Drilling

How To Take A Water Sample


You can pick up the sample bottles at any Access PEI location. 


Step 1


Turn on all the cold water taps inside and outside the house & let them run for 5 minutes minimum.  The idea is to make sure the well pump is running & the sample is as direct from the well as possible.  Leave all the taps running until the end of Step 3.


Step 2


Wash your hands with disinfectant soap.  Remove the tap screen and soak the faucet to be sampled with rubbing alcohol.


Step 3


Turn on the faucet to be sampled & let it run for approx. 5 minutes.  Slow down the flow & fill the sample bottle.


Step 4


Do not rinse out the sample bottle and do not over fill it.

Do not set the cover down or turn it upside down.

Do not touch the inside of the cap of bottle with your fingers.


Step 5


Put on the cover & turn off the taps.  Keep the sample cool & drop it off (same day) at the nearest Access PEI location Monday through Thursday before 3:00 p.m, and Friday before noon.


For testing beyond what the Charlottetown lab can do.


One of the biggest labs in the Maritimes is in Bedford, Nova Scotia.  PSC Analytical Services 1 800 565 7227.


902 436 7862