Manderson Well Drilling Ltd was founded by John Manderson in 1986.

John was already a seasoned entrepreneur before he started drilling wells.  He owned/operated a sawmill, fished smelts and eels with his dory which he built himself.  Drove long distance transport for a few years.  And sold grinders and batteries door to door.

John was always working on, building or fixing something.  So when he was driving one day and came across an old drilling rig for sale, he was immediately interested.  And managed to trade an old bulldozer for it.  He took the rig back to his shop in Lot 16 where he worked on it all winter.  When spring came, he had a well drilling machine ready to go.

In 1986, John started drilling wells for customers and quickly started to make a name for himself.  Building a solid reputation for being honest, hard working & dependable.

John was always on the go and never liked to sit still.  He would usually work late every night in his shop.  Making new tools and customizing his drill to make it work faster and more efficient.  When he wasn't working in the shop, he studied Geology, and often spoke with other maritime well drillers about different drilling methods.

Over the years, John worked very hard at honing his skill as a driller, and became a master at his craft.

John was the first and only driller on PEI to invent a method of testing well casing.  Using an air packer, compressed air and a downhole video camera.  He discovered he could put a well under pressure and find leaks in or at the bottom of the casing. 

Along with other inventions, John quickly became a pioneer in the well drilling industry.  And is well respected among other drillers in Eastern Canada.

For nearly a decade, John ran that old cable tool drill.  And in 1994, bought his first air rotary drilling rig.

John didn't stop at well drilling either, he also bought auger rigs for Environmental and Geotechnical drilling.  And built a custom mini drill for drilling inside low clearance areas.  This division of Manderson Well Drilling Ltd was called Ground Check.  Which was eventually sold to a drilling company in Halifax.

By 1995, Manderson Well Drilling Ltd was thriving, and well established as a reputable drilling service.  That year John's son, Jackson, started working for his father as a driller's helper.  Then worked his way up to driller.  And after 22 years drilling with John, he bought the company in 2017.  And operates under the name Manderson Well Drilling.