MANDERSON Well Drilling

Earwigs In Wells


Earwigs are not native to PEI, but they are here and here to stay. These hard shell bugs are approximately one inch long and have what looks like a pair of pinchers behind them. They like dark damp places, and are right at home inside your well. Earwigs will also crawl into pipes and get trapped there when a new house is being built.


The first indicator that earwigs may be in your well is a high Coliform bacteria count.  If so, loosen the cap on your well and remove it.  If earwigs are present, they will be on the inside of the cap when you turn it over.  Or you will see them scampering down the well.


To solve this problem, first you will need a vermin proof well cap with 1" frost slider and 1" conduit.  You can get these items at MWD or any hardware store.  Once you have the new cap and slider installed. Take a cocking gun and fill in the hole where the wires come out of the slider into the cap. 


Once you've eliminated the source of the contamination, now you can disinfect your well.  For instructions, click Well Disinfection


If disinfection does not clear up the bacteria.  The earwigs may have to be blown out of the well using compressed air.


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